Imagine taking your favorite sports car and adding wings. That’s the feeling you get when you strap into the DA20 and take to the skies. Sporty, sleek and exciting – yet surprisingly affordable, the DA20 offers outstanding performance and impressive economy.

Walking up to a DA20, you know this is no ordinary airplane. With a fighter-like canopy, responsive center-stick controls and comfortable bucket seats, it’s clear this airplane will put a smile on your face. And it should – it’s pleased some of the toughest customers in the world, like the United States Air Force.

The DA20’s performance impressed the Air Force and will impress you too: With a sea-level climb rate of 1,000 fpm, a cruise of 138 kts while sipping only 5.5 gph, and a take-off distance of only 1,600 feet over a 50 foot obstacle, the DA20’s performance outshines the competition. Spin certified with a slow 44 knot stall speed, the DA20 is not only sporty, but stable.

James Parking N110CT Out FrontN110CT - Panel

Year      2001
Manufacturer      Diamond Aircraft Company
Type      DA-20-C1
Model      Eclipse
Seats      2
Horsepower      125
Cruise Speed      138kts
Landing Gear      Fixed
Usable Fuel      25 Gals
Max Crosswind      15