While earning a commercial pilot certificate you hone your piloting skills to an even higher standard, and an increase in skill equals an increase in opportunity. Having a commercial pilot certificate lets you earn money as a pilot, while opening the door to a career in aviation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an age limit?
Yes. To be eligible for a commercial pilot certificate you must 18 years of age. This is a FAA requirement, but its just the minimum. We at Brett Aviation have many commercial students some are 18 others are in there 30’s. Its never too late to get a commercial pilot certificate.

How long?
How long greatly depends on you. The minimum is 250 hours total time. So depending on how long you have been a pilot you may be close to that when you start. The best way to figure the cost is to come and see us at Brett Aviation. Bring your logbook and one of our instructors will work with you to determine how much time is required.

How much will it cost?
How much it will cost greatly depends on how long it takes. Since a commercial pilot certificate’s requirements depend on how many hours you have we cannot quote a price online. The best way is to come see us or call us at Brett Aviation. Bring your logbook and one of our CFI’s will be more than happy to sit with you and figure the exact cost.

Do I need an instrument rating?
No. However, without an instrument rating you are limited to a 50nm radius of your home airport and cannot fly at night. What that means is you cannot fly commercially more than 50nm or at night. On personal trips, whether it’s vacation with the family or a business trip you can go as you please.

What opportunities are available?
With a commercial pilot certificate the opportunities really begin to open up. As a commercial pilot you can now be compensated for your piloting skills. This means getting paid to fly. There are literally hundreds of different fields you can go into with a commercial pilot certificate.

What supplies will I need?
Supplies are easy. You already have most of them, the commercial training relies greatly on the tools and skills that you learned in your private training, but now to a higher standard. The only new supplies you will need is the ground school kit. We offer the Jeppesen kit for our 141 training.

Is financing available?
Yes, we are entitled to offer financing through Pilot Finance, Inc. With Pilot Finance you can finance all or part of your training. Then it’s as easy as making a small monthly payment.


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