Flying a multi-engine aircraft is both fun and challenging. With a multi-engine rating you will be able to fly higher and go faster. Earning a multi-engine rating will help you land that airline career.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there an age limit?
There is no specific age limit for a multi-engine rating. However, you must be at least eligible for a private pilot certificate (16 years old).

What pilot certificates are required?
Since multi-engine is a rating you must first hold at least a private pilot certificate. Most people get an instrument rating before the multi-engine rating. An instrument rating is not required but it is recommended because it will strengthen your flying skills in preparation for the complex, sometimes high-performance twins.

How long?
How long depends on you. It’s all based on proficiency. Fly with your instructor until you are confident and proficient in the required maneuvers.

How much?
How much depends on you. Since the rating is based on proficiency its hard to put a fixed number on the cost. The best way to figure the cost is to come and see us at Brett Aviation and one of our instructors will work with you to determine approximately how much time is required.

What’s in it for me?
A multi-engine rating opens up a world of opportunities. With a private pilot certificate and a multi-engine rating you can now take more family and friends, to farther away destinations, faster than ever before. No more waiting for security at BWI, with a multi-engine rating you can now take business trips with much less hassle. As a commercial pilot with a multi-engine rating you have just opened the door to many more job opportunities including an airline career.

What supplies will I need?Diamond_DA42_Twin_Star_SP-NBA_--_fly-by_(3318845648)

 You will already have the required supplies from your private pilot training. All you will need to get is the ground school course. We have the Jeppesen kits for our part 141 training.

Is financing available?
Yes, we are entitled to offer financing through Pilot Finance, Inc. With Pilot Finance you can finance all or part of your training. Then it’s as easy as making a small monthly payment.