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Everyone starts with a private pilot certificate, even the captain of an airliner. With a private pilot certificate, you will be able to rent an airplane anytime you want. There’s nothing like being able to take your friends and family to thousands of destinations, such as day trips to Ocean City, golf in Myrtle Beach, or vacation at the Grand Canyon—the choices are endless.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
The first step is to come and take a $129 Discovery Flight. After you complete the Discovery Flight all you will have to do is decide with your instructor which days you are available to fly and schedule the lessons accordingly. There is no obligation to sign up or put money down, however putting money on an account does have its advantages.

Is there an age limit?
No. We have had children come in with their parents to experience the wonder of flight. However you must be 16 years of age to hold a student pilot certificate, which will enable you to fly solo (without your instructor). You must be 17 years of age in order to receive your private pilot certificate. Those are just the minimums, we have pilots that rent airplanes from Brett Aviation that are 70 years old and are still flying regularly.

How much will it cost?
National studies confirm that the average person requires about 70+ hours of airplane time and about 40 hours of instruction to pass their examinations and obtain their private pilot certificate. A typical student flying a new Cessna 172SP Skyhawk will spend approximately $10,500. This cost may be less depending on aircraft type used for flight training. None of this money is required up front. Many people choose to pay per lesson. However if you put $1000 on an account you will receive a 5% discount on the airplane rental cost. If you put $1500 on an account you will receive a 6% discount on the airplane rental cost. If you put $2000 on an account you will receive a 7% discount on the airplane rental cost. In any case there is financing available through Sallie Mae and Pilot Finance,Inc.

How long does it take?
How long it takes depends on how much time you are willing to invest. The more times per week you fly the quicker it goes. The FAA minimum is 40 hours to receive a private pilot certificate. Most people through Brett Aviation do it in 60 hours compared to the national average of over 70 hours! We will work completely around your schedule to maximize your training efficiency.

What opportunities are available?
With your private pilot certificate you will be able to rent an airplane anytime you want. This means taking friends and family on vacations for the day or the week, to thousands of destinations. There are however just a few limitations such as you may not be compensated for your flying. Also you are limited in the weather conditions you may fly, mainly you can’t fly in the clouds. Other than that the choice is yours. Be it business or pleasure you can do it all.

Do I have to buy an airplane?
No. We know that everyone who becomes a pilot cannot also afford an airplane. Which is why Brett Aviation has an extensive fleet of new, state of the art airplanes for rent. Whether you want it for a few hours or a few days, they are available to you just as if you owned it. However if you are interested in purchasing an airplane there are some great tax benefits to owning and leasing back an airplane.

Will I fly with the same instructor?
At Brett Aviation we suggest students stay with one instructor in order to keep continuity throughout the course of training. However, if a student wants to switch to a different instructor at any time for any reason, we make sure it happens. Learning to fly is a big commitment and we want to make sure you enjoy your experience at Brett Aviation. Since, we teach under Part 141, the student will also have periodic stage checks with a stage check instructor to determine his/her progress in the airplane.

Is there financing available?
Yes, we are entitled to offer financing through Pilot Finance, Inc. With Pilot Finance you can finance all or part of your training. Then it’s as easy as making a small monthly payment.

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