According to guidance issued by the FAA, we must all become familiar with the new appendix included in the latest PHAK concerning Runway Incursions.  As of November 2012 this information has been ADDED to the private pilot written exam.  Expect all other exams to begin including questions on the topic as well.   If you are not already versed, we will go over it again.

A few key points are

  • Do NOTHING while you taxi.  Have the plane set up and ready to go before the wheels move.  If you need to adjust something, call tower and come to a complete stop.
  • Hot Spots are not a Hot Topic!  They are found in the AFD.  We really need to pay extra attention in those areas, multiple accidents made it a hotspot.
  • Listen Carefully, Write Down, and Repeat your Taxi instructions.  Too many runway Incursions!
  • LAHSO- If you cant do it, don’t accept it.  Once you accept it, its your responsibility to comply.
  • Leave your transponder on all the time.
  • Have an AFD Page in your Lap, and be familiar with all runway and airport signs(Including Light Gun Signals)

I cant stress the first one again.  People make mistakes when they are multi-tasking, and there is no need for it on the ground.  Just because you’re on the ground does NOT mean you’re now out of harms way.  Stick with the plan, like you’ve been taught and all will be Great!  Any Questions, give me a call or E-mail me.


~John Burton