Don’t own an airplane? No problem, come rent one from us at Brett Aviation. We have a wide selection of aircraft to choose from. Whether you want to stay proficient with your new license, burn holes in the sky solo, or take the family on a weekend trip, we have the aircraft for you. All that is required for you to rent is a quick check out in the aircraft with one of our professional instructors. Just look below to see which you would like to fly.

Tail NumberYearTypeModelVFR/IFRHourly Rate5% Discount6% Discount7% Discount
N2119Q2004CessnaC-172 SPIFR$160.00$152.00$150.40$148.80
N963TA2004CessnaC-172 SPIFR$160.00$152.00$150.40$148.80
N657452004CessnaC-172 SPIFR$160.00$152.00$150.40$148.80
N051GX2014AATDOne GIFR/VFR$100.00---